Gyuto Chef Knife

Handle: Rose Wood

Steel: Sandvic 12C27 Stainless steel

Lenght: 8 inch 



Gyuto Chef Knife

    • Many of the steels I use will rust if not cared for correctly. Always hand wash your knife in warm soapy water and dry immediately to avoid rusting.
    • Never put the knife in the dishwasher. It will not only damage the blade but more so the timber handle.
    • Only chop food! My knives are not intended for cutting through bones. Doing so will damage the blade. Only use the knife for normal kitchen use.
    • Store your knife correctly. Storing knives with other cutlery can cause them to chip and scratch. Instead, choose a storage method that protects the blade.
    • Keep in mind that the thinner the blade, the more prone it can be to breakage if not handled correctly (e.g.: dropping the knife, cutting bones, using it as a screwdriver, etc.)

    Not taking care of your knife properly will void the warranty.